Hardware Condition Picture Publisher
Panasonic 3DO Boxed complete
Official controllers x 4 Loose excellent
Flightstick pro Boxed excellent
3DO magazine CD
3do magazine disk 9 playable demos
No 5
No 6
No 7
Software title
3d atlas Complete
3do game guru Complete
Alone in the dark Complete
Alone in the dark 2 Complete
Another world Complete
Battlechess Complete
Battlesport Complete
Bladeforce Complete
Blond justice Complete
Cannon fodder Complete
Captain Quazar Complete
Corpse killer Complete long box
Crash 'n burn Complete
D No instructions
Deathkeep Complete
|Defcon 5 Complete
Demolition man Complete long box
Escape from monster manor Complete
Fifa 'International soccer' Complete
Flashback Complete
Flying nightmares Complete
Foes of Ali Complete
Gex Complete
Ghost hunter Complete
Hell Complete long box
Immercenary Complete
Iron angel of the apocalypse Complete
Jammit Complete
Jurassic park interactive Complete long box
John Maddon football Complete
Killing time Complete
Mad dog McCree Complete long box
Mega race Complete
Off world interceptor Complete
Pataank Complete
Phoenix 3 Complete
Policenauts No Cards otherwise complete
Policenauts 'pilot disk' Sealed
Powers kingdom Complete
Psychic detective Complete
Quarantine Complete long box
Return fire Complete
Return fire maps'o hell Complete
Road rash Complete
Sampler cd demos etc Complete
Sampler cd demos No 3
Samuri shodown Complete
Scramble cobra Complete
Sewer shark Complete long box
Shockwave 'Operation jumpgate' Complete
Shockwave 2 'Beyond the gate' Complete
Slam 'n jam '95 Complete
Slayer Complete
Star control II Complete
Star wars 'rebel assault' Complete
Starblade Complete
Super wing commander Complete
Supreme warrior Complete long box
The daedalus encounter Complete
The horde Complete
The need for speed Complete
Trip 'D Complete
Twisted 'The game show' Complete
Virtuoso Complete
Wing commander III 'Heart of the tiger' Complete
Zhadnost 'The peoples party' Complete

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