Atari 8 bit systems

This page is under construction, it will eventually have pictures of the various bits and pieces
including the rare Atari touch tablet.

Below is a basic list of the collection, the presentation will be sorted soon.

Atari 800 computer - boxed - complete

With the Atari computer :
6 tapes with spoken instructions 'basic' - boxed
Atari 400/800 hardware manual, Atari 400/800 operating systems users manual,
Atari 400/800 basic reference manual, Atari 400/800 operating source listing,
De re Atari 'A guide to effective programming', Macro assembler disk plus manual and reference card,
Program text editor disk, manual, reference and programming cards,
Atari : Inside atari basic.

Atari 810 disk drive + Atari 810 master disk II plus manual (disk operating system) - boxed complete
Atari data cassette - boxed complete
Atari touch tablet + art master cartridge - boxed complete.

Also various carts, disks and cassettes and magazines.

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