Year 1999

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Every Sunday is like a scene out of a cowboy movie , each person eyeing up the opposition,
is there a fellow collector at this boot sale, if so what's he found?.....with that here's my adventuring....

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Got clean sweep for the Vectrex (still got to find an actual machine yet, passed one up for £2.00 ! before I got into this hobby) in the post today also through the post today was a copy of the Hitchhickers guide to the galaxy for the PC, totally complete..exellent stuff.


Well.... the finds keep coming. Found a boxed complete ZX Spectrum 48K (Rubber key) in excellent condition, also a Spectrum monitor interface by Ferguson boxed, also a Spectrum printer the GP-50S (graphic) by Seikosha co ltd and a boxed old style C64.

Well, what with christmas fast approaching, I doubt I will be booting again this year, its certainly been a fasinating year, the variety of things found always surprises me, this makes the anticipation for next year all the more mouth watering. All that remains for me to say is, Have a merry christmas and an exciting new year to all of us.



Excellent days booting, started with an Entex 'Super space invader 2' with built in power supply, then , 'Football 2' by Mattel electronics from 1978, also a TV boy with all those great games on it and the find of the day, a boxed complete and in mint condition (even the box is in great shape 'Space laser fight' by Bambino from 1979, This has to be one of the best looking Tabletops ever made.


Found the nes cart 'Friday the 13th' with instructions. Prince of Persia on the Mega cd (I like the game, anyone got the Snes, Jap,USA or UK version they want to sell / trade?), but the find of the day has to be a Sample copy of Cybernator for the Super Nintendo (USA version)


Found a few more C64 games.


Could not make a bootsale today.


Picked up a few good C64 games today, 'Frogger 64' was one I've been trying to find for a while, also 'Gandalf the sorcerer'


Found a couple of tabletops and a few boxed C64 carts. Picked up 7 snes, 5 nes carts for a few quit. Also picked up an Atari Lynx for a couple of quit, its dead, but it still had the cart California games plugged in, also a few Amstrad and Spectrum games.


4 ! cars at the bootsale, nothing found.


Picked up a boxed super famicom - complete and some C64 and Spectrum games.


Found a boxed C16, a boxed GX4000 - complete (you never know), a Spectrum 48K and games and a strange add on for it, Also an Atati 800XE and some games.


Rained off.


Picked up around 70 C64 games. Splicing tape for the 'Cosmic clash ' is going to cost about £8.00 a reel, I only need a tiny bit, so I will not be buying it (not just yet anyway).


Going on holiday today, so no booting.


Found a load of C64 games




Found a Binatone colour tv MK6 pong machine,boxed with light gun, instructions and the garantee, also a boxed with instructions 'Merlin' I used to have one of these when I was a kid, so this was a great find. A bag of Specrum games, also a Kempston interface with cartridge slot for the Spectrum and finally a Telung pong machine (great switches).


Another sausage


Got a boxed mini-munchman in the post today from Jules, great looking box.


Not a sausage


Picked up a 'Batletech crescent hawks revenge' for the PC, I collect Infocom games so this was a great find, though the find of the day has to be the Binatones programmablecolour tv game master consol and two carts all boxed - complete.


Rained off


Spectrum, C64 games, a couple of tabletops and a sealed Microcosm for the CD32.


Great find today, a boxed MSX computer and joystick in fantastic condition, I just wish I had not sold my Nemesis cart. At last I also found a copy of Crazy comets for the C64.


Picked up a Mrs Pac-man lcd handheld (the date says 1982 ?), also a few tabletops for the trade page.


Ho hum other fish to fry today.


Found a colecovision (no controllers) and the driving wheel expansion unit (boxed), also an Atari 2600 system in brilliant condition.


Rained off (aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh)


Rained off


Picked up an Entex electronic poker handheld from 1979 also Crazy kong, mini munchman, galaxy invader 1000 and a few C64 games.


Got a couple of Virtual boy games from the USA, Virtual fishing is the goodie, also the C64 cart 'Clowns'.


Success on opening up Cosmic clash, it went a lot better than expected, this cardboard is soooo easily creased, its a good job I used a scalple. You should see the mechanics of this handheld to believe it, cogs, levers springs, pulleys? and a mechanical speaker, a record and needle, I don't think they quite make things like this anymore. Ok the problem is indeed some film that has parted, looks like I've got to visit the local camera shop for some splicing tape, gee even this film is complicated, its got one set of holes so the whole film is moved along on rollers, above each printed alien ship / creature are a further set of holes, the holes turn a cog which in turn, gives you the time it takes for these five holes to start and stop this cog for the player to fire and hit the target......if you hit......well I don't really know, I'll see if I can fix this film, because the handheld working, all depends on this one small cog moving to activate all the other bits including the external buttons......once again stay tuned.

08-Jun-1999 :

Update on the Tomy 'mini arcade' game Cosmic clash, it looks like its going to need opening up, a band of film (like super 8 I suppose), that has alien ships printed on it, Its meant to scroll across the front of the screen and you have shoot them, well this film has parted where it was origionally jointed together when the machine was first put together. The problem is I'll have to cut the cardboard panels on either side to open it up, but its the least likely to cause the most damage....nurse..scaple please. ......stay tuned.

05-Jun-1999 :

Could not make a boot sale today. (Cold turkey anyone?)

30-May-1999 :

Found a few more C64 games, a few Spectrum games, a few handhelds, Donkey angler by CGL, also a LCD pinball machine looks cool.

29-May-1999 :

Picked up a Sega 'card' game 'super tennis, first time I've seen one of these.

22-May-1999 :

Picked up another load of C64 games, must be a commodore clearout, also a Radofin Mark IV boxed, a optim sports pong game (since traded) and a boxed Galaxy invader 1000, box is in bad condition but the Machine is in excellent condition.

16-May-1999 :

Picked up a whole load of C64 games for less than the price of a half at the local, C64 game count over 1000. A few handhelds including a boxed Grandstand/Epoch Detective shoestring from 1980.

15-May-1999 :

Got a few Virtual boy games from the USA today, Waterworld is a good one, also the Virtual boy headphones. For the Atari 2600, Yar's revenge and Galaxians both with the comics. The local charity shop yielded a C64 light gun (Defender 64).

09-May-1999 :

Just a bunch C64 games, not a Game & watch or any other handheld or tabletop in sight. I did find something interesting though, The Pawn for the Atari 800XL and the good bit, is that the box contains the shop demo copy, that quite likely should have been returned to the shop/publishers.

07-May-1999 :

Got some Tomy pocketeers and the game & watch Parachute from Jules today, good stuff.

03-May-1999 :

Picked up a few C64 games today including a difficult one to find 'The young ones', that booter who was going to bring some Tomy tabletops this week...didn't turn up, there's a surprise.

02-May-1999 :

Find of the year so far, An Atari 800, Atari 810 disk drive, Atari 410 program recorder and Atari touch tablet All boxed, complete and in excellent condition, also with all this was, The Infocom adventure game, The Hitchhickers guide to the galaxy - complete, also various programming books of the day and 6 cassette pack, spoken instructions on BASIC and a couple of Atari club magazines. Phew. Oh and a few C64/C16 carts.

25-Apr-1999 :

Not a sausage, though one of the booters said he had 4 to 6 Tomy tabletops that he'd bring next week, its going to be a long week.

24-Apr-1999 :

Found a few C64 games, Bongo and the instructions for fist II which I was lacking. C64 game count 900.

18-Apr-1999 :

Picked up a few C64 games, Ninja II 'limited edition' is a good one. Found a few handhelds, a burger king promo one and the find of the day has to be Pocket Scramble by Epoch. Oh yes, got a pre-release video 'spaced invaders'

17-Apr-1999 :

Picked up a Atari 2600 origional woodgrain version, excellent condition, also a couple of paddle controllers and a bunch of carts. The great thing is its serial number is fairly low : . The find of the day has to be finding the book 'how to win at Pac-man', I used to have this book 16/17 years ago and memorised every pattern, so I could whip the local Pac-man machine, anyone remember the 9th key pattern?

12-Apr-1999 :

Managed to get a boxed mint Nintendo Virtual boy from Retro classix. Nice one.

11-Apr-1999 :


10-Apr-1999 :

Found a few A2600 carts, 4 trade fodder, also CBS solar fox for the collection.

04-Apr-1999 :

Not a bad day, picked up 30 or so C64 games that I did not have, also a few boxed handhelds, one good one called Pizza, it seems to be a rip off of the game & watch 'Mario brothers'. The find of the day was proberbly a boxed - complete Starraiders II for the Arari 8 bit. Yeah not a bad day.

03-Apr-1999 :

Trudged round all the charity shops in the rain, all for a couple of C64 games, Oh well there's always tomorrow.

29thMarch1999 :

Started bad, the first boot sale, nothing, picked up a batman alarm clock for my brother. The next boot sale, YES picked up an MB microvision with pouch and 5 games, 4 of them boxed, one called 'space blitz' which could be rare.

28-Mar-1999 :

Wow ! Went to a regular source for C64 games, got there just as the owner was putting all the remaining C64 games into a bin bag. He saw me and let me have the lot for nothing. 80 games in total, now thats lucky.

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