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I know one thing, as our hobby becomes more and more popular
it gets harder and harder to find the 'old gear '

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Oh well end of the year again, its been a good year. The highlights I suppose would have to be finding 8 Game and watches in two weeks, including Mario the Juggler and Headache, also the gameboy multi-carts were very interesting. Also of note was the Colecovision Adam computer setup. Anyway have a great Christmas and an even better new year.


Found a boxed Atari 2600 woodgrain in good condition (no poly inserts though), a number of boxed games came wit the system, Space Invaders, Combat : ) Vidoe pinball and breakout, on the loose front were Night rider + Inst and Pacman + Imst.


Found an Astro wars - loose - with the lettering in red and a lightly different paint job - first time I have seen this variation. Also a pong game by Grandstand the 4600 video sports centre (The one with Kevin Keegan on it).


A couple of good tabletops today, Firefox F7 - boxed, though the box is not that good the machine is virtually mint and the best find today Turtles by Entex electronics from 1982- a two player tabletop in excellent condition. I also picked up a boxed but incomplete Starcom toy because its made by Coleco.


Good finds today after a really bad november, 2 pong machines a Grandstand 3600 MK III boxed with the lightgun all in excellent condition and a rather unusual one called the Sportel by Sportel ltd, it has built in power supply, ariel and controllers, the controllers are unusual also in that your sideways and vertical movements are made by using a wheel and a slider. Also found an Atari 2600 woodgrain consol - loose and last but not least an official Grandstand multi power adaptor.


Found the handheld Pac-land by Namco/Systema - loose and the handheld/tabletop Copycat by Tiger electronic toys - loose (a Simon type game)


A lone pong machine today, a Grandstand 3600 MK II - loose.


Another 3 more Mega dive carts, Space harrier II (UK), Back to the future II (UK) and Buck Rogers (USA) all complete, also Splatterhouse II - loose Japenese version. If you would like to see scans of any of the Mega drive carts please visit my Mega drive pages


More Mega drive finds, Spiderman - complete USA version, Crude buster - boxed Japanese version, at the bootsale I managed to find a Master system II PLUS package this includes the light gun ,this package includes the operational wolf cart, the whole lot is boxed with its Instructions.


No booting today, I did find Talmits adventure for the Mega drive - loose, at the local video shop.


3 more Mega drive games, Sonic 2 - Asian version , Columns III - Japanese version both complete, also the loose Japanese cart Hellfire.. An e-bay win arrived today, Sunset riders for the SNES - loose.

My first mega drive game finds today and they are quite good, The Lion king 2 (Jap), Wonder boy III (Jap), Quackshot (Jap), Super 6 in 1 the games are : Tiny toons, columns, Bubble and squeak, The flintstones, Mrs pac-man and Super vollyball (Jap) and Super 12 in 1 (with 8 games) :

A while back a friend of mine knowing that I collected 'the old gear' gave me his mega drive its boxed and complete, now to try and find some games, I shall only collect Import , unusual or just carts I might be interested in..


' Won ' on ebay, two Infocom titles, Bureaucracy - complete and Nord and Bert could'nt make head or tail of it - sealed. I also picked up quite a few C64 disk games and there were two Infocom games burried away in there, they were Border zone - complete, including the unused book of matches - fantastic, also Leather goddesses of Phobos - complete apart from the 3D glasses. All four of these classics are the origionals - not re-releases.


Picked up a Gameboy camara (red) with its instructions, also a Gameboy printer.


Found Star paws by Software projects complete for the C64, also a load of early BBC arcade conversions.


What a great find today, A boxed and mint NES - complete, along with four carts : Dragons lair - complete - near mint, operation wolf - boxed - excellent condition, Shadow warrior - complete - near mint and Blaster master - complete - near mint, oh and the double cart Mario and Duck hunt - loose.


Found a boxed and in near mint condition, a Prinztronic videosports 600 pong machine, also a bunch of C64 cassetes.


About 3 weeks ago, I dropped into a charity shop on the off chance (as you do), The lady there knows the sort of bits and pieces I like, she first told me off for not turning up last week (I was late and the shop had closed, no way I would intentionally miss going), she said that the things she had kept for me were pilling up!. I think the frothing at the mouth told her that I would like to she what she had saved, so out to the store room, it was not quite pilling up but this was what was there: for the ZX Spectrum there was a VTX modem - boxed complete and in fantastic condition, an Opus discovery disk drive system with a second drive fitted included was all manuals and software, next a Multiface 128 boxed in its shipping case - looks unused, a video digitiser - boxed in its shipping case with its instructions and software, a Sinclair lightgun and a project the the previous owner has built - includes stepper motors and that sort of thing, when I find out what it is I'll post it here, its possible that the previous owner was a software developer, the amount of software for games designing and other specialist software makes this a possability.. There was also a lot of public domain software and news letters on disk..

There was also Commodore format tapes 1, 4 to 55, also books on projects (possibily for the above one) for the ZX81and spectrum.


Lucks in, I found a Interstate mini-tv game (pong), boxed, complete including the optional power supply.


Yep I managed to win the Akira T-shirt, so I now have the complete Amiga CD32 game Akira, rare indeed, I have read though that game is not really that good.


Found someone selling (on E-bay) an origional Akira T-shirt that came with the CD32 game (unused), If only I can win it.


'Won' Akira for the CD32 on E-bay (no T-shirt)


Found Earthworm Jim 2 - complete and boxed, an old Commodore calculator oh dear it looks like I'm collecting calculators now.. Also picked up an old LED double game tabletop machine, It dates from about 1977/78 and the games are UFO invaders and Blockbusters the machine is made by Ramtex. I also found a cool piece of kit by Konami and Nintendo called the Laserscope its a "Voice command optical targeting headset" - boxed - its for use with the NES or Gameboy.


Picked up a load of C64 games, Judge Dredd by Melbourne house, Hacker I & II by Activision were the notable ones also a complete freeze frame Mk III (boxed)


Found a number of Spectrum games, a few good ones, unusually they were all complete with the 'bits and pieces' they originally came with, for example, Auf wiedersein Monty still has the help map and badge. Also found 3 SNES carts, Blues brothers is pretty good, also a few NES carts the best being 'Wrath of the black Manta' - boxed, also a Sinclair joystick and lastly 'Dragon magic' your first programming book.


Syndicate for the CD32 arrived today (boxed without its instructions).


Picked up a bunch of NES carts, Goonies II and Castlevania (loose) being the best of the bunch.


Skeleton krew for the CD32 (new) arrived today.


Found the Master system 3D game Zaxxon 3D complete.


Found two SNES cartridges, the Lion king and The lord of the rings both boxed with their instructions, also a boxed Binatone mastermind calculator.


Picked up Cannon fodder, Worms and Piere le chef... is out to lunch (all complete) for the CD32.


A win on Ebay, Bubble and Squeak (sealed) for the CD32.


One tiny sort of a boot sale, at which I found 6 CD32 magazine cover disks (doubles)


Felt ok, so I checked out the local charity shops amongst others and picked up a copy of Zelda for the SNES, all there apart from the map (its always the map thats missing) also the Zelda game and watch (loose no battery cover).


Messing about with my brother resulted in an injury which required surgery, obviously no booting (no pun intended) for a while.


Small carboot today, but I still managed to find a Colecovision family computer system, which included, the Colecovision consol, into which was pluged (with the help of an underneath support frame) the Memory consol otherwise known as expansion module #3, the keyboard, the smartwriter printer with a spare ribbon and two books on the programming of the ADAM computer and a book on spreadsheets. Also included was a number of cassette based software 4 smart base (1 on blank cassette, 1 wrecked?, 1 with data on it and of course the origional. also smart filer and the game Buck Rogers 'Planet of Zoom' (official release)also a second origional Buck with other games on it. Also 6 Adam blank cassettes, 3 E&T Adam cassettes and 3 standard cassettes with saved 'Adam files'

Also picked up some Early Dragon arcade conversions, also some Spectrum and C64 games, the best on the C64 was Manic miner released under the Mastertronic MAD label, other notables, Bounty Bob strikes back on disk and BC's quest for tyres released by Software projects both for the C64.


A couple of Zelda II carts (both boxed minus their instructions) for the NES, one box is English and the other seems to be English and French, the cut out were the cart shows through is a black shield shaped mark. Found also 20 + C64 cassettes and the Rare NES cart Elite - boxed with instructions even has the poly bit at the bottom.


A win on e-bay arrived today, the rare Virtual boy cart - Insmouse no yakata - complete - new.


Another carboot this weekend and 3 more game and watches, Snoopy tennis (loose), Blackjack (boxed) and best was the UK only version of Helmet....Headache (loose).....Click here to see it. I also found 6 CD32 titles I did not have, Whales voyage has a great soundtrack, also a double game, Alien breed 'special edition' and quak. Also a couple of SNES carts, William's greatest hits (Defender, Defender II, Joust, Robotron and Sinistar) (loose) FANTASTIC cart and Justice league taskforce (complete).


Found Dragon 'The Bruce Lee story' for the SNES - complete, this is a really good fighting game with sounds straight out of a Bruce Lee movie (obviously) but its very well done.


Unbelievable, you go what seems like an age, and then you find a few all within a week or two, I am refering to the game and watch series, I found two last week, and I've found FOUR today.

Balloon fight (loose, new wide), Donkey kong 3 (loose Micro V's), Gold cliff (boxed with Instructions and virtually mint) and Best I think, Mario the Juggler (loose but mint). Before the last Two weeks, It had taken me a good year to find just two . Keep the faith.


Ghoul patrol (boxed) arrived today (a win on Ebay). Picked up a boxed Sinclair ZX printer with a roll of printer paper (silver).


I can't believe it, another Game and watch find, all be it a common one (which I did not already have) Snoopy tennis (Loose), two in two days....Phew. Also another pong machine, a Grandstand Adman 2600 MKII and a C64 game I have been looking for , for ages, Rock 'n' Bolt by Activision. I've had a couple of wins on Ebay, I'll post what they are when I receive them.


The fist local car-boot of the season and it was pretty good, first up was a boxed complete 'super Nintendo' 8 bit with 999999 games built-in, Doom (complete for the SNES), also a Casio Handheld Turbo drive from 1983, but best of all was the Game and watch Pinball (loose) which was in excellent condition.


Found a Grandstand Adman tv 3000 pong machine, and a ZX81 (Just the body)


At a local bootsale, I found a boxed Scramble LED tabletop in excellent condition even the box, other than that just a couple of SNES games (UK), Flashback and the fantastic Super bomberman III , No instructions with bomberman III : ( ,and also a 4 player multi-tap for the SNES.


Picked up a bunch of SNES carts (USA, loose), Gradius III and Prince of Persia were two that I had been after for a while.


A few Spectrum, C16 and C64 games.


Popped into a charity shop on my way home from work and found (In one bin bag), An Amidar and Jungler fliptop tabletop LED games, also Puckmonster, Scramble, Astrowars and BMX tabletops and handhelds (All loose). The best though was, a ZX Spectrum + 128 and a load of games, including, 3 ROM's , Planetoids, Star raiders and best of all Jet pac all boxed and complete and an interface II (for the ROMs).


Picked up a few Snes carts, Japanese Contra - complete is a good one, also (all loose) Spindizzy worlds, Rama 1/2 and Utopia (God type of game).


Found a Puck monster LED handheld machine - boxed and in excellent condition, a few Spectrum games and the Snes cart Return of the Jedi (loose).


Found a Enterprise 128 computer and manuals and cartridge, along with an Enterprise expandable disk operating system (this connects to the Enterprise and you then connect a disk drive to this unit) - Boxed


Today was the first large scale carboot I have been to this year, I did'nt find an awful lot, but I did get a couple of goodies, notably a pile of ZX spectrum games which yielded a Firebird 'Gold edition' Gyron "Demonstrator unit, Not for sale" tape game - complete. Also Hickstead by CCS ltd. Other than those there were a few more decent titles and also a Atari 2600 CBS Electronic's version of Venture.


Found a chess computer today.....does not sound very exciting does it, well its called Star chess and its by Videomaster (The same company who made a range of pong machines) Its boxed (big) and complete. They make it sound exciting on the box, " The explosive space warfare game, played on your own TV ".


Found a couple of SNES games, Zelda - complete and a german version of street fighter II (well the box is German anyway) and 1 c64 game.


Found a loose pong machine, an Ingersoll XK 410 C and a handfull of SNES games, Cutthroat Island Is one I have wanted for a while.


Find of the year so far ? , a boxed Sega master system handle controller.


Found a boxed with instructions Earthworm Jim for the SNES and a boxed (no inst) and a gameboy multi-cart , 24 in 1.


Picked up an Atri 2600 6 switch woodgrain consol, joysticks, paddle controllers and a few uncommon carts, the whole lot in exellent condition.


Wow....Found another boxed (no inst) gameboy multi-cart, this time Super 32 in 1.


Picked up some more SNES carts today, Powermonger, Virtual soccer are the noteable ones. The find of the day has to be the boxed (no inst) gameboy muti-cart Super 26 in 1.


Got Virtual pro baseball '95 for the Virtual boy today, also found a bunch of SNES games, the best being, The secret of Evermore (new).

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