Year 2001 Diary

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I wonder how long the retro stuff will keep turning up, there is obviously a finite supply, this is one reason that I have started collecting for the SNES and to a lesser degree the Mega drive.



Four great SNES games found, Donkey kong country 3, Mario kart and Toy story - boxed complete and near mint, also Mr Nutz - boxed complete.(All UK)


Hook for the Sega Mega CD arrived today - complete, also the Virtual boy cartridge Teleroboxer (Japanese) - complete - new


Found a BBC cartridge based console!, its the Bridge ....On the Mega drive front one excellent cartridge, Castlevania 'The new generation' - Boxed with inst.


Three master system cartidges found, Strider II - boxed - no inst, Olympic gold and Rainbow islands - boxed with inst.


Found the game and watch Snoopy's tennis along with its instructions.


Four more Mega drive games found, they are : Alison dragoon, Outrun 2019, G-loc 'Air battle' and Revolution X - all UK and complete with their instructions. Also found was a Acetronic MPU1000 boxed with instructions along with three cartridges : Invaders (27), Olympics (1) and Horse racing (12) - Boxed with instructions also the Acetronic gameowners club entry form. Also Star chess found - Boxed complete.


Two mega drive cartridges found they are : Mazin wars and Arcades greatest hits (Robotron, Defender I and II, Joust and Sinistar) - both UK and boxed and complete. I also found six mega CD titles they are : Mighty morphin power rangers, Blackhole assault, Snatcher, The terminator, Batman returns and Lethal enforcers II 'Gun fighters' - all boxed with their instructions.


Four Atari Lynx cartridges found, they are : Slime world, Awesome golf, Checkered flag and Tournament cyberball - all boxed aand complete.


Three good Mega drive finds today, The Faery tale adventure (UK - complete), Bugs Bunny in double trouble (Japanese - no instructions) and Cutthroat island (UK - no instructions) .


Found the Master system game Maze hunter 3-D - complete.


Found a few C64 cassette games (C64 finds have slowed right down), the best being Crazy Kong by Supersoft.


Found a pong machine by the name of Bingo ! , its boxed complete with its instructions and virtually brand new.


I have been a bit slack on updating this diary and I've forgotten the dates when I've found bits for my collection so I'm just going to add what I've found here, to be honest with whats happened in the USA I've not much felt like updating. For the SNES (UK) Super troll islands Actraiser (USA) and Blazeon (USA) carts only. Three pong machines, Strika 2 by Videomaster - Boxed with instruction and I think it must have only be played a couple of times, its got the crinkly bag that covers the arial and it still has the recipt (it was bought on the 30/12/1978 for £7.90), also an Adman Grandstand colour 6000 - Boxed and a Prinztronic tournament III colour tv game - Boxed with the light gun assessory. A Triton home build computer, this would have been in kit form that you would build yourself, more than likely bought off a publication such as popular electronics, the guy I got this from was going to throw it away, he then heard I collected these sort of bits and pieces, make contacts and let people know your hobby, you'd be amazed at what people have in their lofts and will just throw out. I also found a numbr of C64 games.


Found a bunch of Spectrum games, the best being, fat worm blows a sparkey !


Being on holiday, I went to a mid-week bootsale and as luck would have it I found another cartridge for the Texas instruments computer I found a couple of days ago, the cart is Alligater mix - loose. Next up a super famicom cart titled Bastard!! (Japanese) - complete, I wonder if this was ever released in this country (UK) and an American SNES cart Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? - complete.


A great mornings car booting today, first up was a NES - action set - boxed, complete and in great condition, a couple of SNES carts were next, then a Texas Instruments TI - 99/4A computer alomg with its power supply, tape deck, PAL modulator and remote joysticks, All manuals were here as well, also some software, the cartridges, Parsec with instructions and plastic tray, TI invaders with instructions and A-maze-ing with instructions, on the cassette side, Galaxios and Alien madness - boxed with instructions, Oil panic and Jet plane - boxed, Haunted house - boxed with instructions and Pilot boxed with instructions. The Nintendo game and watch Safebuster - loose was the next find and lastly a Binatone colour TV game MK10 - boxed with its instructions and power supply, this is a rather large pong machine.


Its all Videopac finds at the moment, today I found a videopac G7000 computer boxed, complete and near mint condition, along with flyers and seven carts, they are, No.33 - Jumping acrobats, No.7 - Mathematician, No.37 - Monkey shines, No.8 - Baseball, No.18 - Laser war, No.9 - Computer programmer and No.2 - Pairs, Space rendezvous and logic - all boxed with their instructions.


Found a number of Videopac carts, No.7 - Mathematician - boxed, No.14 - Gunfighter, No.20 - Stonesling, No.22 - Space monster, No.4 - Air, sea war, No.2 - Pairs, space rendezvous & logic, No.29 - Dambuster and No.10 - Golf all boxed with their instructions.


Off to Gunwarf today and it being fathers day, I thought the girlfriend and daughter would not mind if we went to the local carboot as well, it was a good job we did. The first find of the day was the game and watch Climber - Boxed with its Instructions and poly surround all in great condition (great also because it was only £1.00). Next up was a big bag full of C64 games, a lot of sports ones especially. Lastly a complete Spectrum +3 - Boxed complete - in good condition plus a bunch of disk software including the Magnetic scrolls adventure The Pawn. Oh yes I'm glad I went.


Found a NES system with 6 carts including, Paperboy, Shadowgate, Zelda, Double dragon and Bart v's the alien monsters. The next find was a Prinztronic tornament IV - Boxed with its Instruction and in great shape, it looks fantastic, all Chrome. next was some C64 carts and cassettes, the carts are : The power cartridge, Fast load cartridge by Epyx and a Printer driver and utilities cartridge - all loose. The cassette games are : The Jewels of darkness, a three adventure set, they are : Colossal adventure, Adventure quest and Dungeon adventure by Rainbird - Totally complete including the Lenslok, Also Dracula by CRL - Boxed complete - the first game to be issued with an age restriction - If you want to see a scan of the cover, see it and others on my conroversial pages.


I went to a fairly large bootsale today and it turned out to be a good one.first up was the SNES mario all stars package - complete and the carts Tetris attack - UK complete, Arkanoid 'revenge of Doh' - UK boxed, Mario kart - UK loose, DK2 - UK loose (no label), f-zero - UK loose and Zelda 'A link to the past' - UK loose. Also for the SNES was a boxed complete Game genie. Next up was the tabletop Frogger - Loose this is one good looking machine. The next find is one that makes your pulse race, a MB Microvision in great condition in its pouch, along with three carts, Shooting star - Boxed with Instructions, Connect 4 with Instructions and Blockbuster with Instructions this also includes the Instructions for the Microvision. Lastly another SNES find, a huge Joystick called the Top fighter 'Digital action learning system' QJ - loose


Three SNES carts found today, Super putty, Donkey kong country 2 and Ilusion of time - UK plus their Instructions., I also picked up the Instructions for Mario Kart which I needed and the Instructions for Donkey kong 3 , someone bought the cart but did not want the manual. Also found was a pong machine, the Granstand video sports centre - model 6000.


A pong machine found, its the Ingersol


A SNES win on Ebay arrived today - Tintin in Tibet - UK - complete, now being a bit of a fan, I tried to get this cart when it was first released about five or six years ago but could not seem to find it, I have been keepng an eye out for it ever since and at last....I have it.


Found a c64 multi-cart, - loose, the games are - Pro tennis, Pro skateboard and Fast food, the cart is called 'Fun play 64'


Found the complete SNES cart - First Samurai - USA version, also a boxed complete Game Genie for the SNES, on the Box it says its for the UK SNES as well as the USA one. Two Game & watches, Parachute - loose and Donkey kong jr - Boxed with its Instructions (Good find this one). lastly the handheld game Electronic mastermind from 1977 by Indictiva - loose, also Puck monster - loose - this one needs looking at.


A couple of SNES wins on Ebay arrived today, Pac-attack - UK complete and Pop'n TwinBee - UK complete - mint never used! (It has been now) - I have to say here, the person selling this was one of the nicest people I have dealt with.


Found the SNES cart today Tetris attack - loose. Two SMS carts - spiderman and the sinister six and Gain ground - Both complete, also an Atari 2600 woodgrain with nine loose carts, picture labels of Super breakout and Bezerk were the good ones. One c64 cassette game found - Vietnam - boxed with its Instructions.


Found a Pal SNES, 2 official joypads and one QS one and three carts, Super international cricket, Super tennis and Super bomberman also a Hunson multi-tap - all loose. Also found a Nes clone called the Reggies Entertainment system along with this were two carts, Flappy which is Mario 2 (The lost levels I suppose) and Adventure island (Judging by the picture) - all loose, a couple of nice finds today.


Found three Vic 20 carts,Mission impossible, Cosmic cruncher and a 16 K cartridge (switchable 3,8 and 16K)


Found Pinball fantasies for the SNES - loose and 2 C64 games......


Found three SMS carts, Miracle warriors 'Seal of the dark lord', Kenseiden and (best) Space harrier 3D - all boxed and complete, including the map for Miracle warriors.


Took a train to the nearest decent size carboot around. First find of the morning was a Tomytronic 3D stereo skyfighters handheld, it looks really good, all silver and blue - loose, also a couple of late handhelds nothing special....yet. I could not resist buying a Mega cd, the price was so low, it came with the Mega drive itself and all the bits and pieces and eight games, they are : The amazing spiderman v's the kingpin, Road avenge, Sol-Feace & Cobra command, Tomcat alley, Prince of Persia, Sensible soccer, Robo aleste and a compilation cd 'Sega classics arcade collection limited edition' - Golden axe, Super Monaco GP, Streets of rage, Columns and Revenge of Shinobi, and on the next table I picked up a complete version of Ground zero Texas for the Mega cd, I really like the look of this game. Lastly I found a complete Atari 2600 Asteroids including the Captain Atari membership form, I remember writing to him once and getting a good reply, I wonder where I put it.


Picked up a Grandstand programmable console (takes cartridges), the model is the pc-series, the machine has its poly outer and came with its instructions and plastic cover for the cart slot, also with it were two cartridges, Motor cycle + inst and Supersportic + inst .
On the C64 front, I had a good find, The complete and sealed version of Operation wolf (Big box cassette version by Taito).


That pretty cool thing I won on e-bay arrived today, its the Warioland Demo Cart for Nintendos Virtual boy. If you would like to see it, please visit my Virtual boy page.


Found 20 Atari 2600 carts, nothing really outstanding, but there were a few good ones namely, Joust, Dodge 'em, Vanguard, Klax and Ms Pac-man (picture lables) - loose.


One thing today, the SNES cart Waynes world - loose - Excellent


Just a mega drive cart today, Ms Pac-man - boxed


Good day today (I have the day off work for a start, its my daughters birthday), found a couple of Atari 2600 carts, Breakout - complete - new and Warlords - complete - sealed. Also the C64 cart Sea wolf - boxed with Instructions, lastly the game and watch Zelda - boxed with its Instructions.


'Won' something pretty cool and rare on e-bay, I'll post what it is when I get it.


Picked up a couple of Amiga titles, Captain Blood by Infogrames/Mindscape (different cover than the usual one) and the Tengen (Domark) trilogy the games being, Cyberball, Klax and escape from the planet of the robot monsters - complete, this is a Home computer club special edition. On the whole its been a bad few weeks for the vintage stuff.


Went to two bootsales today, picked up a SNES multi-tap (honeybee), a handheld from Tronix and a couple of SMS carts (Ghost house and G-loc), poor bootsale really. At the next one I picked up the Mega drive cart Toki - goes ape spit - complete, also the boxed and complete pong - Ajax (needed a good clean) and lastly the SNES cart Cool spot - loose.


Found a boxed Astro wars tabletop in good condition today.


Picked up Nightshift for the Amiga - complete.


Four SNES carts today, Battletoads in battlemaniacs (UK), Starwing (UK) , Super ghouls 'n ghosts (USA) - all complete and killer instinct - double size box version, however the watch and cd are missing.


A couple of bootfairs today at which I found Two Astro war tabletops, one boxed with its Instructions, warranty card and Grandstand catalogue all in very good condition, also two SNES carts, International superstar soccer Delux - complete and Skyblazer - Just cart, not bad finds considering the light rain that was about.


Its the girlfriends birthday today, so not a lot of time to check out the local shops, in fact only one thing found today and its a bit of a curiousity, Super James pond for the Snes, but on pluging the cart in it says its Super James pond II, (well we all like to think we may have found something special, anyone with any information on this, I would be greatful, there are bubbles below the main title but its hard to imagine its supposed to be this 'II').


Another SNES game Street racer - UK - Boxed with its Instructions. Best of all a boxed CD32 with manuals , extra pad and the boxes outer sleeve. Also found a number of complete Amiga games (for my brother). On the retro mag front I found (in with a Spectrum +) , CVG Jan, Feb and Apr 1984 with the free supliments that came with them, also PCG - Apr and Sep 1984 and lastly a PCW 'games special' supliment.


A SNES game found today, Goof troop - UK - Boxed with Its Instructions.


Four Atari 2600carts found today, Star voyager by Imagic, Ms.Pac-man - silver label, Mario bros silver label and the 32 in 1 game cartridge.


Just one thing today, the SNES game Zombies UK - Boxed with Its Instructions.


A Very good find today, A boxed UK SNES, the Mario all stars pack. The great thing is , its in Mint condition and totally complete, everything is here Including all manuals, leaflets, warranty cards, catalogues etc, in the origional plastic bag (ok I know I may be going over the top here, but its not everyday you find something this good) there's even a spare official joypad. Along with this were three carts, Kirby's Ghost trap - Boxed, Kirby's fun pack and Plok - both Boxed with their Instructions. I also found a pong machine licenced from Magnavox called the Sharleen! (loose).


Found a non working Videomaster pong machine and a boxed complete Amstrad GX4000 consol, I will put this on ebay as this is the second one I have found.


An excellent find today a boxed complete version of the Nintendo family computer (nes) its called the rainbow - computer game, the great thing is, in the box were two Multi-carts, 18 in 1 and 76 in 1 and no real doubles as you can get with these types of carts, the 76 in 1 even includes Donkey Kong III.


A good start to the year, found a 16k Spectrum in good condition with its power supply and the bottom piece of the poly surround, also found a C64 compilation disk the 5 games are : A view to a kill, Codename Mat II, The Pyramid, Beaky and the egg snatchers and Test match . (complete).

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