Year 2002 Diary

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The retro finds are slowing down, but just when you think its been a while, something turns up, heres to more of that. Good hunting to us all.


................CIB = Complete in box (saves a lot of typing)


Another long pause, not a lot of finds at all really.

07-Sep - 05-Nov

A long pause once again before the update, here's whats been added since the last time : A parcel arrived with some Atari 2600 carts they are : Jawbreaker, Miner 2049er and King kong all by Tigervision, Gas hog by Spectravideo, Pygmy, Black hole and Robin hood all by Quelle (I think) All loose and A Xonox double ender Super-kung-fu and Robin hood - Boxed.

Another parcel arrived with the Virtual boy game Space squash - CIB. - I'm beginning to get to the Difficult and expensive part of collecting for the Virtual boy.

Ok what else, a number of C64 games, the best being The president is missing - complete. A couple of Nes finds : Double dragon II 'The revenge' and Kabuki Quantum fighter - loose. Next a boxed complete Scramble tabletop machine, this one has a different box than the normal one.


A couple of finds today, Little Nemo 'The dream master' for the NES - complete and The ledgend of Galahad for the Megadrive (USA) - complete.


A couple of packages arrived today with Atari 2600 carts, they were : Popeye by Parker brothers, International soccer and Super challenge football both by Mattel - Loose, also Action force (Action man) with instructions.


Today my boss was leaving work for pastures new and we did a trade I gave him my Dilbert pen from the USA and he gave me a NASCOM 1 computer, If your reading this Steve Thanks for being so generous. The nascom 1 seems to be complete, also there are a number of manuals, one seems to be a nascom programming manual that was not supposed to get into the public domain, also there are a number of nascom newletters. I will have to try powering it all up in the near future.


Whoops, where do the days and weeks go?. I'll have to put down what I have picked up over the last few weeks in one installment. Ok, a number of packages have arrived with Atari 2600 cartridges they are : Beany bopper and M.A.S.H by 20th century fox, Tax avoiders by American videogame, Bobby geht heim by Bitcorp, Strategy X by Gakken, Encounter at L-5 and Frankensteins monster by Gameworld/Data age, Lilly adventure by Home vision '83, Labyrinth by Quelle, Nightmare by Sancho, Buck Rogers 'planet of zoom' by Sega, Universal chaos by Telegames and Pac-kong by ? all loose - some hard to get ones there, also Mr.Postman - boxed, Marauder + instructions by Tigervision, Quest for Quintana roo - Boxed with instructions and Carnival, Wizard of wor, Mouse trap by CBS electronics and Armour ambush and Space attack by M-network - all boxed complete. 


Today I found a Mega joy II, next were mega drive finds - Captain America and the avengers, Batman returns (sega classics) - boxed with instructions, Mercs , Centurian 'Defender of Rome' - boxed, Spiderman - just cart, next up were nes finds, Defender of the crown , Manic mansion , Bionic commando - boxed with instructions, Captain planet and the planeteers - boxed , also two GX4000 cartridges, Klax - boxed and World of sports - boxed with instructions and lastly a German Atari 2600 cart 'Strahlen der teufelsvogel' - loose.


Another carboot, the weather has been kind so far this year (fingers crossed). The first find is something I missed buying last year by a whisker, Bigtrak with poly inserts in brilliant condition and its trailer CIB again in excellent condition. Next up Speak and spell with extra module by Texas Instruments CIB and Speak and maths also by Texas Instruments also CIB, Now the amazing thing here is I had to check the date to make sure TI had not started up production again, Both are in such great condition (maybe who ever had it in the first place could not be bothered to learn), check out the film ET to see a Speak and spell working ....and taken to pieces.
Next an Atari 2600 jnr and 8 carts nothing really special but a good find none the less (at 50p the lot, can't complain, yes there are still some genuine booters around).


Off to a bootsale again, first up was an Atari 2600 (woodgrain) along with two joysticks, a set of paddles, an official Ingersol power supply and four carts, Missile command, Combat, Asteroids and Breakout (picture label) all carts CIB. Next was the game and watch Zelda - loose.


Three Atari 2600 carts arrived today they are : Labyrinth, Solar storm and Bobby geht heim - loose.


Off to a bootsale and another good one. First up some Spectrun software and book,, next was the Game and watch Boxing (micro vs system) Boxed with instruction and all in fantastic condition (my G&W finds seem to all be boxed at the moment - not that I'm complaining), next up was another G&W the widescreen Mario's cement factory - loose (I knew I should not have said anything). Next was an Atari 2600 jnr - CIB and eight cartridges, the best being Wizard of war (CBS) and instructions and Outlaw CIB


With the light rain faling it was great to still see some cars at the bootsale. I found two tabletop LED machines today they are : Pacman2 and Firefox F7, now judging by the fantastic condition both of these machines are in and the fact they have that 'smell' (you tabletop and handheld collectors will know what I mean) I think both of these machines had their boxes the night before, but the boot sellers may have thought they looked to scruffy to sell - ouch.
The next find was a BBC computer and a decent amount of software, I decided to snap up this computer because a while back I found a few great pieces of arcade software for it. (some of the best early arcade conversions were written for the BBC computer).


Found two NES cartridges today they are : Galaxy 5000 and Castlevania III 'Dracula's curse' both CIB.


Warioland - USA version CIB for the Virtual boy arrived today.


Another carboot today, first up was a boxed early C64 and a pile of cassettes the best being Dig dug by Datasoft, then a boxed ZX Spectrum 48K with some software, next up a CIB Master system II with a few games (this is in really good condition).


Found the SNES game Unirally - UK - Boxed complete including the help map.


Went to a great carboot today. The first find was a Mega joy II (NES clone) - which is slightly different looking than another mega joy II I have, the games are also different - loose. Next up was another NES clone the Super joy III - which has a lot of arcade games on it - Loose. Next the tabletop LED machine Auto race from 1978 - loose. Then I found an American SNES along with the USA cartridge Final fantasy III - loose, the USA snes has been converted and is switchable from 50hz to 60hz, and then....the find of the year, the game and watch MANHOLE (from the gold series), its boxed with its instructions, the machine, the poly inner and the instructions are mint (the poly bag is here to), the box is also in great shape. I think this last find will have to have a web page to itself.


Another pong machine found, its the Harvard H-5 mini colour tv game - boxed.


Found the pong machine ....


The Entex tabletop Pacman2 found today - loose. - trying to sort out a bad (up) contact


Found a Pong machine, the common Binatone mark four with light gun - loose, though it did have with it the official Grandstand adaptor, next up the tabletop machine Scramble - CIB and in near mint condition (even the box). also the SNES cartridge, Prince of Persia CIB.


Found four tabletop machines today, they are : Astro wars with its instructions, Firefox F7 - loose, Invaders from space - loose and Afterburner - loose. The Atari 2600 cartridge Fishing Derby by Activision found - Loose


Found two NES cartridges today, Mega man 4 and Jungle book - both boxed.


Found two interesting Mega drive cartridges today, 2 in 1 with and Soccer and Super 2 in 1 with Bare knuckle and Sonic - both boxed. Next up was a Pong machine (a very early one) its the TV Challenger - CIB. Next some C64 games,


Found two tabletop machines today they are Bank shot 'electronic pool' by Parker brothers from 1980 and Amaz-A-tron by Coleco from 1978- both CIB.


Today I popped into the local video shop and found the following : four SMS cartridges, Laser ghost - boxed, Cool spot, Pac-mania and Asterix - CIB, also two SNES cartidges, Yoshi's safari - UK - loose and Taz-mania - USA - loose.


Went to a fate today and found some Infocom adventures : Journey - complete apart from the crystal (again), Arthur 'The search for Excalibur, Beyond Zork - both CIB and The lost treasures of Infocom II - complete apart from the Sherlock newspaper and map. All these have two sets of disks 31/2 and 51/4 and are for the PC, Tandy.


Finally I have managed to make it to a carboot sale and find some cool stuff. First up a boxed complete Nes Mario bros pack - mint., then four SNES carts : Q*bert 3 and Pocky and Rocky - USA - loose, and Tiny toons buster busts loose and Donkey kong 2 - UK - loose, next two Mega CD games : Sonic CD and Night trap - complete, then a master system II with six carts : Star wars and Bubble bobble - boxed, Ecco the Dolphin , Asterix and the secret mission, Sonic the hedgehog chaos and mortal kombat II - all boxed with instructions. Next up a bunch of C64 games, the cart Tooth invaders - loose and Phobia (Tony Crowther) , Rock 'n Roll - by Rainbow arts and some other cassette games, then a glint caught my eye, three Atari 2600 cartridges, they were soon added to my haul, they are : Tutankham by Parker , Riddle of the Sphinx and New Atlantis both by Imagic - all boxed complete with flyers. As I just can't get enough of handheld and tabletop machines the next find made my day, it was the LED Arcade Defender machine - boxed. The last find of the day is something I have read about but never seen...until now, A power glove for the Nintendo famicom (if I'm correct), a great day.


About a month ago I found a TRS-80 from Radio shack and I have now managed to get a game for it - Tennis - sealed.


Three NES catridges found today, Sword master - loose, Battletoads Double dragon - loose and Yoshi's cookie - loose.


Found the Mega drive cart Monster lair 'Wonderboy III' - PAL - Boxed.


Found theTomytronic 3D handheld , also four Megadrive cartridges - Asterix and the great rescue - PAL - loose, Herzog zwei - USA - loose, Sonic compilation cart with - Sonic 1, 2 and Dr Robotniks bean machine - PAL - loose, Asterix and the power of the gods - PAL - complete.


Picked up a couple of SNES / Super famicom bits, The Hunson soft multi-tap - for the super famicom - boxed and the Trailblazer arcade stick for the SNES - Boxed. Also Carnival by CBS for the Atari 2600 - loose.


Been a bit slack on the diary, here's what I've managed to find since the last entry. A bunch of C64 games, including Potty pigeon, Chinese Juggler and Hunchback, Blackhawk for the SNES (PAL), Star wars and manual for the NES, Barbie for the NES (err... its for my Daughter) - loose and best of all, Star wars 'The Empire strikes back' for the Atari 2600 - complete and virtually mint, this last find kind of takes me full circle in gaming as my dad bought me my first console - the Atari 2600 and the first game he bought for it (apart from the pack-in Combat) was The Empire strikes back. Next up a Binatone pong machine (not the orange one), including the lightgun and instructions.

I have to say this, I like the Dreamcast, I think a lot of people are just beginning to realise just how good it is - to late to save the Dreamcast, but a great time to snap up some great games at cheap prices, ok so its not retro (yet), but these are just great games to collect and play. See my Dreamcast collection here As this is a retro web-site this is the only place I will have a link to my Dreamcast collection (until it becomes retro).


Found a boxed complete Spectrum 128+3 along with the 'Currys' box that covers the normal Spectrum one, all in great condition. Also some disk games for the +3 * Since blown up.


One Mega drive cart, Battle squadron - boxed.


Two Mega drive carts, Theme park Designer series and Micro machines - Military - Boxed with instructions, also A SMS cart, Dragon crystal - Boxed with instructions. Also Panic bomber for the Virtual boy arrived today (USA version) - Boxed complete.


Three SMS carts today, Arcade smash hit, Spellcaster and Dracula - all boxed. Also Three Mega drive carts, Comix zone, Castle of illusion and Strider - boxed with instructions though Strider has the wrong ones.


A stack of Videopac carts arrived in the post today. A total of 22.