Year 2003 Diary

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The retro finds are slowing down, but just when you think its been a while, something turns up, heres to more of that. Good hunting to us all.



17-Aug-03 Another bootsale today and yet more Mega drive games : Thunder force II, Shadow dancer 'secret of Shinobi', Zero wing and Toejam & Earl - all UK boxed complete, also Animaniacs, X-men and Last battle - UK boxed
03-Aug-03 Off to a bootsale today, a bit of a mega drive day it turned out to be, fourteen mega drive games in all, there were : The Ottifants, Man overboard, Dune II 'Battle for Arrakis', Aaahh!!! real monsters, Pele, Zoom, Cutthroat Island, Mrs pac-man and Zoop - all boxed UK complete, also Corporation, Star trek 'crossroads of time', Moonwalker and James pond 3 (USA) - Boxed and Klax - now this seems strange this one, its in a box that says Genisis (the US version of the mega drive), the instructions say Genisis and the cartridge says Genisis but the cartridge is a UK one, its by Tengen.

Also found were three Sega saturn games, Sonic jam, Sega ages with Afterburner 2, Outrun and Space harrier (excellent) and Street fighter alpha 2 - all complete. Also found was a snes with Super bomberman III.

Lastly a bunch of Spectrum software, the best being : Two copies of Knight lore by Ultimate, 3D lunattack by Hewson consultants, 3D deathchase, Light cycle and Heavy on the magik - all complete.
01-Aug-03 A parcel arrived today and I'm pretty excited, I now have a power glove for the NES and its boxed and sealed. I am tempted to open it all up and have a look at it.
20-Jul-03 Found an intelliviion today (loose) and eleven cartridges all boxed and complete. The cartridges are : Word fun, Math fun, Star strike, Space battle, Armor battle, Snafu, Golf, Advanced dungeons & dragons, Skiing, Draughts and Soccer - all boxed with instructions and overlays (except Armor battle).
06-Jul-03 Yeee haa its that day again, off to a carboot and first up the G+W Super Mario - loose, next up is something that makes this hobby so exciting, just a glimpse through a flap of a large cardboard box, I saw the name INTERTON (a German console I believe) on further inspection there was the actual console itself and Twelve boxed games (their instructions are on the sleeve of the box) so I snapped that one up really quickly. They are :

No. 1 Car racer - Boxed - complete
No. 4 Tank battle/Air battle - Boxed - complete
No. 5 Mathematics - Boxed - complete
No. 7 Air/sea battle - Boxed - complete
No. 9 Intelligence - Boxed - complete
No. 11 Hippodrome - Boxed - complete
No. 12 Hunting - Boxed - complete
No. 15 Intelligence II - Boxed - complete
No. 17 Circus - Boxed - complete
No. 19 Outer space combat - Boxed - complete
No. 23 Flipper pinball - Boxed - complete
No. 32 Invaders - Boxed - complete

More mega drive finds, The super Shinobi - Jap - CIB, Sub 668 - UK - CIB and Boggerman - UK - loose. Next up three SMS games, Summer games - CIB, Double dragon - boxed and Shadow of the beast - Mastermix 92 - CIB.
29-Jun-03 Another Sunday and another carboot today, first up was the G+W Mario bros - boxed complete even the batteries though they are pretty dead by now. Next up was a really nice find a Master system 1, now this did not have a power supply or joy pad, now it was lucky that I had kept these from a dead console that I had found in the past, soooo one boxed complete Master system 1....Nice. Next up a boxed complete Spectrum +2 - Hmmm two speccys in two days funny how that happens. Lastly a stack of C64 games (about time) I will sort them out and post here what I found.
28-Jun-03 Found a ZX Spectrum and some games, the machine was in a purpose built carrying case.
15-June-03 Off to another bootsale today, first up was a Scramble tabletop VFD machine boxed with instructions, catalogue and warranty card - all in amazing condition, the best I have found yet. I then saw an Atari Jaguar now I have resisted these in the past but the guy selling this one was asking such a small amount for it and it included five I bought it, the games are : Alien vs predator, Theme park + inst, Dino dudes, Doom and Cybermorph - all loose, I can't wait to try this out. Then I found a Tomytronic 3D machine - which on closer inspection has most definately seen better days. Then another machine I had resisted.....until now, a Sega Saturn, but once again for the price (about two pints down your local) I got a Saturn and seven games they are : Virtua cop, Myst, Blazing dragons, Wipeout, Duke nukem 3D, Sega rally championship and Daytona usa - all games boxed and complete. Next up a mega drive cartridge Streets of rage II - complete and two Sega master system carts F1 and Mrs Pac-man - both complete. Lastly I found some of thoses pocketeer things : a mouse trap looking one, Space invader, Pile up, Roulette (mini-mate) and Santa's pinball game.
14-June-03 Found the Nes cartridge Mega man 3 - Boxed complete.
01-June-03 Went to a bootsale today and found two handheld LCD games, Dinosaur by Tandy and Volcano by Radio shack - both complete. Picked a some trade fodder, Defender of the crown for the CDI - I remember playing the Amiga version - mmmmmmm.
30-May-03 Foun two Master system games today, Fantasy zone and Secret mission - UK - complete.
24-May-03 A parcel arrived today with the Rare C64 cassette game, The great Giana sisters - Complete.
13-May-03 Token of Galle and Crazy kong arrived today, both by Interceptor software and complete.
11-May-03 Found only one thing today, the Mega drive game Super Hydride - UK - boxed.


Went to a fate today, some Amstrad / Spectrum / Amstrad software found, the best being....Return to Eden and Emerald isle - both by Level 9 computing and complete


Another carboot today and I found my first ZX 81, it has its poly box, no outer box, but it does have its shipping box from Sinclair, also a software catalogue and a couple of leads. A few years ago I found a ZX 81 manual and kept it, just in case I found the machine, I'm glad I did now. Not a lot else found worth mentioning though.


Found some Mega drive carts today, Sonic 3 - UK -complete, Sonic 3D, Sonic spinball, Chiki Chiki boys and Sparkster - all UK and boxed, Pinochio, Rambo III and Sunset riders - all UK and complete.
Went to a bootsale today, the first thing I found was a power joy (one of those NES in a controller things), this one is unusual because not only is it two player, but also because it has a built-inlight gun and takes cartridges (cart no.1 included). Next up some Megadrive games, Talespin, Aladin and Dynamite headdy - all UK and boxed with instructions, also Vectorrman - loose, next two Master system games, Sonic the hedgehog and Teddy boy - UK boxed. Then a Manic LED tabletop, lastly two Dreamcast games, 18 wheeler and Virtua athlete 2K -UK complete.


A package arrived with some more Atari 2600 cartridges : Picnic and Towering inferno by U.S.Games - loose, a local bootsale produced the following, 3 SNES cartridges : Family dog and the Smurfs - loose, also The lost Vikings - boxed complete. I also found some C64 games the first for some time, Entombed by Ultimate 'play the game' the box type - complete being the best.


Another package with some Atari 2600 cartridges : See monster by Bitcorp, Z-tack by Bomb, Mines of minos by CommaVid, World end and Tom's eierjagd by Quelle - all loose, also Polaris by Tigervision - boxed complete.


A package arrived this month with some rare Atari 2600 cartridges they are : Beany bopper and Deadly duck both by 20th century fox, also Mogul manic by Amiga, Assault and Wall defender two very rare games from Bomb - all loose.