I got into the Dreamcast just as it was starting to wane, I think its an excellent machine that should have done much better. Below is what I have collected so far, I started off collecting only Pal format games, however If I want to collect some of the best ones, then I will need to get into the Japanese and USA formats to.

UK Hardware

Dreamcast console - Boxed complete

DreamPhoto mouse - Boxed new

Fishing controller

Official Dreamcast driving controller - Boxed new

Official Dreamcast keyboard - Boxed new

Official Dreamcast Lightgun - part of the House of the dead 2 package - Boxed new

Official Dreamcast lightgun - loose

Samba de amigo - Big box complete


Japanese hardware

Dream eye - new - sealed
Pop 'n music controller - boxed - new

Software: Japanese

Aero dancing featuring blue impulse - sealed
Cool Cool toon - sealed
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd mix - sealed
Elemental gimmick gear
Pandora's Dream 1st Dulex limited edition - sealed
Pop 'n music 2 - new - sealed
Rainbow cotton
Run=Dim as black soul - new
Ryoko inove roommate - new
Sakura wars on-line - Big box limited edition - Sealed (clock)
Sakura wars 3
Sakura wars 3 memorial pack - New (picture)
Sakura wars 3 promo video disk
Space channel 5 part 2 - Big box limited edition - sealed (headphones and bag)
The king of fighters death match 1999 - sealed
The king of fighters '99 evolution - sealed
The virgin on Megiddo - new
Pre-production samples
Ecco the dolphine 'Defender of the future' in jewel case - Pal
Gauntlet legends - in jewel case - Pal
Metropolis street racer - in jewel case - Pal
Skies of Arcadia - double CD - in double jewel case - Pal
V-rally 2 expert edition in jewel case - Pal
Wacky races in jewel case - Pal
Software: UK
18 Wheeler
102 Dalmations 'puppies to the rescue'

Aerowings 2 Airstrike

Bangai-o - Sealed

Bass fishing (Sega) + unofficial fishing controller

Blue stinger
Buzz lightyear ro the rescue (toy story 2)

Caesars palace 2000 'Millennium gold edition'

Confidential mission
Charge 'n blast

Chicken run

Chu chu rocket

Crazy taxi

Dead or alive 2

Deadly skies

Daytona USA 2001

Dino crisis

Dragons blood

Dragonriders 'Chronicals of Pern'
Dream arena

Dreamkey 1.5 - sealed


Evil dead: Hail to the king - sealed

Evil twin


Evolution 2 : Far off promise

Fighting force 2

Fur fighters

Gaunlet Ledgends

Giga wing

Grand theft auto 2

Grandia 2

Gunbird 2

Hardcore ECW revolution

Hidden and dangerous

House of the dead 2 - part of the light gun package

Jeremy Mcgrath supercross 2000

Jet set radio

Le mans 24 hours

Legacy of Kain : Soul reaver

Marvel vs Capcom


Metropolis street racer

Mr Driller


Phantasy star online


Powerstone 2

Pro pinball - trilogy

Project justice 'Rival schools 2'

Racing simulation 2 'Monaco grand prix' - Sealed
Railroad tycoon II

Rayman 2

Ready 2 rumble boxing

Ready 2 rumble boxing round 2

Record of Lodoss war

Resident evil : Code Veronic


Samba de Amigo - complete with maracas

Sega swirl - on demo disk

Shadow man


Shenmue II

Silent scope
Skateboarding 'featuring Andy Macdonald' - Sealed

Skies of Arcadia

Soldier of fortune

Sonic adventure

Soul calibar

Soul fighter

Space channel 5


Special ops II 'Omega squad' - Sealed

Star wars : Episode 1 racer

Star wars : Jedi power battles


Streetfighter 'Alpha 3'

Streetfighter III '3rd strike'

Streetfighter III 'Double impact'


Tomb raider chronicles

Tomb raider : The last revelation

Toy story 2

Virtua striker 2 : ver 2000.1

Virtua athlete 2K - Sealed

Virtua tennis

Worms Armageddon

Software: USA
Alien front on-line + microphone - USA - new
Resident evil 3 'Nemesis'

Soilder of fortune

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