I should think most people will have heard the name Infocom, the mear name conjors up
goblins, snakes, the flathead dynasty and the good old swizzle stick! more on that later.

My Collection
I was lucky enough to be looking through a software club magazine back in 1988 and seeing a lot of Infocom adventures being sold at discounted prices. I had of course heard of the ledgendry Infocom but never played any of their adventures, so I bought Ballyhoo and I was hooked. I then bought as many different Infocom titles as I could before they disapeared.

Infocom box art
Infocom always seemed to produce colourful and imaginative artwork onto the front of their packaging. Here you can see some of that work, the images are thumbnails, just click on a picture for a larger image and a contents list of the associated 'bits and pieces' (of the games I have bought new) that came with that particular adventure.

Infocom adventure brochures.
Even Infocom's adventure brochures showing their other releases were full of atmostphere, it was almost like a mini adventure itself. Click on a link below to see various scans of the brochures. (In no particular order).

The incomplete works of Infocom, Inc.
PASSPORT to the united products of Infocom
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Next under construction



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