Rare items from my collection

Akira for the Commodore CD32 - complete Including the unused T-shirt.

Atari 2600 prototype cartridge, pigs in space in moon patrol case.

Atari 800 a complete boxed setup - The Atari 800, disk drive, cassette unit, the touch tablet plus loads of extras.

Atari lynx Blue lightning demo cartridge.

CBS Colecovision - Boxed complete mint. Includes factory shipping cardboard box.

Chiller with the thriller music by mastertronic (A C64 cassette game).

Cybernator for the SNES - USA sample copy.

Defender Tabletop LED machine by Entex - Boxed complete.

Dragon 32 cartridges from 1982 - Cosmic Invaders and Starship Chameleon by Data limited.

Elite for the NES - Boxed with Instructions.

Great Giana sisters for the C64 - complete

Gyron 'Demonstrator' by Firebird 'gold edition'. (A ZX Spectrum cassette game)

Nintendo prototype Gameboy cartridges - Beach volley and Mercenary Force

Nintendo virtual boy cartridges, Insmouse no yakata, Space squash and Virtual fishing -Boxed new.

Nintendo virtual boy Mario's tennis USA Display box.

Nintendo virtual boy Warioland Demo cartridge.

Power glove - Boxed complete and sealed

Sega Handle contoller for the master system - Boxed.

Sega Master system 3D cartridges, space harrier, missile defense, zaxxon and Maze hunter - Boxed complete.

Snoopy tabletop Game & Watch - Boxed with instructions, plus a few others from my G&W collection.

Space laser fight from Bambino - Boxed complete. The best looking tabletop ever created (In my humble opinion anyway.)

Spooky castle and Skatin USA, Pre producton samples (Two C64 games) - Genuine?

Tank war controllers by Radofin - Boxed.

Texas instruments Speak and Spell and Math and Spell both boxed and complete

Triton home build computer

TV vader by Epoch - A stand alone Space Invader machine - Boxed with power supply.

Zelda ' The wand of Gamelon ' Adventure for the CDI.

ZX Spectrum ROMs - Jet pac Planetoids & Space raiders - boxed with Instructions.

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