Sega master system




Master system 1 plus pack (Hang on and Safari pack) - Boxed complete

Master system 1 Alex kid in miracle world pack - Boxed complete
Master system 1 3D pack - Boxed

Master system II, operation wolf + lightgun package - Boxed complete

Handle controller - Boxed

The Sega control stick - Boxed

Cartridges (Boxed with Instructions)


Air rescue No cart
Alex kidd in Shinobi world

Alien III

American baseball

Arcade smash hits 'Centipede, Missile command and Breakou


Asterix and the secret mission

Ayrton Senna's super Monaco grand prix 2
Aztec challenge
Back to the future II
Bank panic (card)
Batman returns
Battle out run No inst
Bomber raid
Bonanza bros
Bram stokers Dracula No inst

Bubble bobble

Buggy run

Casino games

Castle of Illusion 'Starring Mickey Mouse' No inst
Champions of Europe
Chuck rock

Cool spot

Deep duck trouble starring Donald duck
Desert speedtrap starring Road runner and Wile e. Coyote No inst

Dick Tracy

Dragon crystal

Dragon 'The Bruce Lee story' No inst
Double dragon No inst

Ecco the dolphin

Fantasy zone

Gain ground


Ghost house (card)

Global gladiators

Golden axe


Great golf

Heavyweight champ

Hero's of the lance

No inst

Impossible mission No inst
James Pond II 'Robocod'

Jungle book (The)


Laser ghost

No inst

Lion king (the)

Marble madness

Master of darkness
Masters of combat

Maze hunter 3-D

Mortal kombat II

Mickey mouse 'Land of Illusion'

Miracle warriors 'Seal of the dark lord' (Including Map)

Missile defense 3-D

Ms Pac-man
My hero

Ninja gaiden

Olympic gold

Outrun Europa


Paperboy No inst

PGA tour golf

Prince of Persia

Psycho fox

Putt & rutter

Rainbow islands

Rambo III

Rescue mission


Secret command
Shadow dancer 'The secret of Shinobi'
Shinobi No inst

Sonic the hedgehog

Sonic the hedgehog 2

Sonic the hedgehog chaos

Space gun
Space harrier 3-D
Space harrier
Special criminal investigation (SCI) No inst


No inst

Spiderman 'Return of the sinister six'

Spy vs spy

Star wars

No inst


No inst

Strider II

No inst

Submarine attack No inst
Summer games
Super kick off
Superman 'The man of steel'
Super tennis (card) No inst
Tecmo world cup '93 No inst
Teddy boy
The lucky dime caper 'staring Donald Duck'

The New Zealand story

The Simpsons 'Bard v's the space mutants'

Time soldiers

Tom and Jerry 'The movie'

Ultima IV No inst
World cup Italia '90 No inst


World soccer
WWF Wrestlemania 'steel cage'
Xenon Just cart

Zaxxon 3-D


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