ZELDA ' The wand of Gamelon '

I have to admit I did not know that Nintendo had ' lent ' out one of its hero's to another system, so I snapped this one up when I saw it. I have played both the SNES and gameboy Zelda's. I have yet to find out how Zelda ' The wand of Gamelon ' stands up to these.




Zelda has always been a fantastic adventuring experience, I can only imagine what this must be like to play, I must try to get hold of a CDI. The CD has some scuff marks, I hope its still plays.

The dispription on the back of the inlay reads as follows: When king Harkinian vanishes on a mission to save Gamelon, Link takes off to rescue him. But soon Link is also missing, and Zelda must free them both from their evil captors.


This action adventure arcade-style game features 70 playfields, including palaces, forests, swamps, and a mysterious fairy pool. An awesome array of 90 amazing characters will talk to you in full animation. Confront sword-wielding Stalfos, floating Ghini, dreaded Dodongos, pinching Gohma, and much more. You'll have a blast smashing your enemies into utter disgrace.


  • Stunning visuals and full-motion animation
  • CD-quality audio and sound effects
  • Original music


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