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Last updated : 09th June 2006

Pages updated: SNES, 3DO, NES and Mega drive

Why not take a look at my mothers website Barbara's stories - HERE - soon

This signifies which game in my collection for each particular system I consider the rarest. I am also listing the bits of my collection I think are rare. Rare collection.

Computers these days all seem much of a muchness, but it was not always like this, back in the late 70's and early 80's there were many stange systems popping up, some you had to build yourself. I have found a few on my travels.

Sundays would just not be Sundays without a trip to a carboot sale. Here you can see what I have managed to find over the years My collecting diary 2006 *

Well, if this name does not conjour up thoughts of adventuring.....I'm a big fan of Infocom, their packaging is amazing, check out My Infocom pages.

Controversial games

If anything makes a game that bit more rare, its one that upsets enough people to get it banned or stocked at very few outlets. Here you can see the ones I have found.....Click here

Famicom clones

I have decided to devote some web space to my growing collection of Famicom clones and Multi-carts.*

About me (soon)
ok not very soon 

I have been playing videogames all my life, well since I was 10 I'm 36 now (2000), if you want to know about me and what I think of them, click....My view.

Under construction

Here are the pages I'm working on: Early computers and.....

C64, MB microvision , other consoles, Atari 8 bit,spectrum,
vectrex and trying to improve the existing pages



Acetronic, Prinztronic and Radofin


Atari 2600 / 7800

Atari 2600 German cartridges - soon -

Atari 8 bit


CBS Colecovision

Mega drive

Commodore 64


Handheld and tabletop machines

Virtual boy


MB microvision - soon -


Nintendo Game and watch

Summery of my collection

Nintendo NES

Other (obscure) consoles

Philips videopac

Pong machines

Retro magazines

Sega master system

Vectrex - soon -

ZX spectrum

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